Czesław Karkowski is an exorcist who performs exorcisms, removes curses, spirits, psychic vampires, energy manipulations. Czesław Karkowski is a world class lay exorcist, parapsychologist, psychotherapist and biotherapist.

He helped thousands of people from the whole world to free themselves from the influences of the evil.

He purifies people, houses and working places from spirits and curses. Businesspeople and owners of big companies have used his services. He protects and secures energetically both people and companies against courses and energy manipulations. He is extremely effective exorcist. Czesław Karkowski is a therapist of both spirits and people. The members of the family of the deceased prevent the soul to detach itself from the astral, blocking the soul usually unconsciously. Czesław Karkowski shows the soul its proper name, so that it does not suffer in the astral.

He promotes the rule that in order for the body to be healthy the soul has to be healthy first. You cannot full health if you are laden with curses. Very many people sought his help after they resorted to Catholic exorcism without any results. The skills and abilities of Czesław Karkowski enabled this people to free themselves from all the spirits and evil directed towards them.

Czesław Karkowski effectively breaks generational curses and modifies karmic patterns. Unfortunately these days more and more people are in need of exorcisms preformed by secular professionals very often a person does not know that he or she is a psychic vampire but the environment can recognise it. Frequently people seeking help are aware of the fact that they fell victim of a curse.

It is well knows that successful companies use the help of exorcists who can protect them energetically. People who are especially vulnerable to curses are politicians, officials, singers, actors, business people but every person can become its victim.

All fears, phobias, neuroses, depression, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, sensing the presence of dead people around us prove that certain spiritual forces influence us.

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a form of demonic possesion. Any fanaticism is an expression of being influenced by negative demonic energies. Chronic fatigue, lack of will to live, apathy, undiagnosed pains and persistent diseases are also a proof of spirits or psychic vampires influence.

Czesław Karkowski before undertaking any activities makes a diagnosis verifying the neccessity of performing exorcisms.
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