Czesław Karkowski - certified master of biotherapy, clairvoyant and exorcist.

Czesław Karkowski has been interested in various methods of treatment from his early childhood without realising it. He is the last hope biotherapist. He is ampong few world class biotherapists who is able to treat people with heart stimulator (press article in "Uzdrawiacz" a magazine devoted to healing techniques from 15.02.2000).

His knowledge was not gained on courses although he completed many. He kept his skills abilities and knowledge in the indelible reincarnational memory.

He treats every person in an individual way and selects the right form of therapy often combining many methods at the same time. He applies holistic healing. He purifies the body, mind and soul. Usually beginning with the latter as it is the soul which determines human lot and health condition. By looking at the person or their photograph he gains instant knowledge about the person. He is able to see his past, present and future and, hence, indentifies the source of illness and the cause of failures in life. He eliminates the roots of the illness thereby eliminating it's effects.

He possesses a unique gift of eliminating the negative medium influences such as curses, psychic vampirism and manipulation of human psyche. In this way he contributes to improving the life of the person seeking his help.

Distance is no obstacle for him. He can exert his influence with the same intensoty on the face-to-face contact as well as from a distance via photo.

He helps people in Poland and abroad treating variety of diseases and illness both physical and mental (press article in "Uzdrawiacz" from 15.08.2001).

Czesław Karkowski is one of the best healer in Poland. His professional attitude and efficiency placed him in many rankings of healers at one of the top positions.





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